a work space

is really just a gathering space for like minded individuals collaborating and inspiring to achieve an end result. Creating that space helps to meet those goals and form working partnerships…this space does exist 

A Place That Helps
Growth of Your Work

Welcome to The Benches Woodshop, a collaborative workspace for woodworkers of all types. Come join a growing group of wood smiths as they create, learn, experiment and celebrate the successes of their efforts. 

24 Hrs Access

Access to the space is monitored by way of entry codes. This means members can enter and exit as desired.

Wireless Printer

Need drawings printed from your laptop. Design what you want and get the hard copy for working in the shop.

High Speed Internet

High speed wifi internet supplied by Shaw


Clean and well equipped kitchenette with water cooler, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and seating with power access for laptops and phones. Lockers for coats and bags out of the workshop environment.

All i need is a sturdy bench!

Well that desire is reality at The Benches Woodshop. Strong and sturdy benches large enough to build just about anything on them. With plenty of storage options to stow your project and raw materials while you work on your project(s).

a well appointed shop

The Benches Woodshop has the equipment needed to produce the  many different and varied wood working projects that can be imagined. Contact us for a shop visit and take the opportunity to start something new.

Flexible Bench times available
Many power tools available
Consumables at the ready

Need sand paper, screws, glue, wood, encouragement...
we've got that covered.

Friendly Price Packages

The Benches Woodshop has what you need from quick and easy to project intensive time packages.

An Affordable Co-Working Place In The City​​

You are a craftsperson or intending to be one, you have ideas on paper and want to put them to the test, you are currently employed and want to set up a side hustle or want to venture out and try your hand as an entrepreneur. 

Whatever your scenario, we have a way to accommodate your opportunity to become self sufficient and maybe even successful with good work values and dedication to the craft.

Come talk to us , we can help.

Many Pricing Options
Dedicated Bench option